Terms & Conditions

House rules

  • Respect.
  • Check in between  15 and 19H unless agreed on differently.
  • Check out before 12H unless agreed on differently.
  • No pets allowed in exception of service dogs.
  • No parties.
  • Minimum stay 3 nights.
  • Maximum stay 30 nights.
  • 1 cleaning at start.
  • Additional cleaning for additional fee.
  • No smoking inside the rooms.

General Terms and conditions of Squat Deluxe Accommodations in Berlin

Sphere of Application

These Terms and Conditions apply to all bookings concerning the renting of hotel rooms for accommodation as well as all services rendered for guests in this connection. These Terms and Conditions apply exclusively. Any contrary or divergent terms and conditions will not be recognised unless they are expressly agreed in advance and in writing.

Conclusion of Contract, Contracting Parties

  1. The Contract enters into force on acceptance of the guest’s request by the Hotel. The Hotel is entitled to confirm the booking of a room or a service in writing or by e-mail.
  2. The Contracting Parties are the Hotel and the guest for whom the Hotel is providing the services. If a third party makes the order on the guest’s behalf it is jointly and severally liable to the Hotel together with the guest for all obligations arising from the Contract in question.

Services, Prices & Payment

The Hotel undertakes to reserve the rooms booked by the guest and to provide the services requested by the guest and promised by the Hotel, as well as any services individually agreed with the guest.

The guest undertakes to pay either the prevailing price charged by the Hotel for the rooms and any other services, or the price agreed with the Hotel if different.

The agreed prices are inclusive of the taxes and local levies prevailing at the time of concluding the Contract. This includes also the 5 % city tax.

On concluding a contract with a guest the Hotel is entitled to charge the full payment for the booking in advance  for each reservation. 

Payment at the hotel is accepted in Cash.

If, after making a booking, a guest subsequently wishes to reduce the number of rooms booked, the services required or the duration of the stay, the Hotel may make its agreement to said reduction subject to an increase in the charge it makes for the remaining rooms and/or services which it does provide.

The total invoice amount in connection with a Hotel Accommodation Contract is payable by the guest at the latest on arrival. Any advance payments requested by the Hotel must be made no later than the date specified by the Hotel.

Other Hotel invoices with no due date are payable in full within ten days of receipt. The Hotel may at any time demand the immediate payment by guests of claims which are already due.

If a guest falls into payment arrears with payment, the Hotel is entitled to charge the prevailing statutory rate of penal interest, which is currently the central bank base rate plus 8%, or in the case of transactions involving consumers 5%. However, irrespective of this the Hotel reserves the right to prove that it has suffered greater loss or damage. Furthermore, in this event the Hotel is entitled to refuse to render any further or future services for the guest provided it has given the guest prior warning and set a period for payment of the arrears, in the process warning the guest that it would refuse to render any further services if said payment is not made within the stipulated period.

Cancellation by the Hotel

The Hotel is also entitled to cancel the Contract on legitimate material grounds. A legitimate materiel ground is deemed to exist if:

  • when a guest doesn’t show up on the reservation date.
  • force majeure or other circumstances beyond the Hotel’s control render fulfillment of the Contract impossible.
  • rooms are booked on the basis of misleading or false information, for instance regarding the identity of the guest or purpose of the booking.
  • the Hotel has good reason to belief that providing its services for the guest in question could jeopardise the smooth running, safety or reputation of the Hotel in ways not imputable to the Hotel’s sphere of control or organisation.
  • the purpose of or reason for the stay and/or event is unlawful
  • the guest allows third parties to use the rooms without the Hotel’s consent.

The guest has no right to damages in the event of the legitimate cancellation of the Contract by the Hotel.
The guest has no right of reimbursement for the reservation’s advance payment.

Cancellation of a Hotel Accommodation Contract by the Guest

The cancellation for a booking is  possible but not refundable. in that case, clients should inform the hotel by writing as soon as possible. 

Surrender and Return of accommodations

Guests may occupy booked rooms from 3:00 p.m. on the agreed day of arrival. Unless specially agreed the guest is not entitled to occupy rooms at an earlier time.

Unless a later arrival time has been arranged, the Hotel can charge the reservation fee of the room price even if the guest does not show up.  The Hotel shall be entitled to let the rooms to others from the day after.  In this event the guest has no right to assert any claim against the Hotel.

On the agreed day of departure the guest must vacate the rooms by 12 noon at the latest. If the guest fails to vacate rooms on time the Hotel may charge 50 % of the room’s full list price for the following night for late occupancy between 12 noon and 6 p.m. and 100 % thereafter. In this event the guest has no right to assert any contractual claim against the Hotel. However, the guest shall be free to provide proof that a claim for the above amounts has not in fact arisen or is excessive. The above is without prejudice to the Hotel’s right to assert claims for more extensive loss or damage.

The Hotel is entitled to refuse a guest admittance to the Hotel or accommodation therein if on the guest’s arrival it has good reasons for believing that the guest is under the influence of drugs or alcohol or otherwise behaves in an offensive manner towards hotel staff or other guests. The Hotel is entitled to eject a guest from the Hotel and cancel without notice its existing contract with that guest if he or she repeatedly disturbs the peace or causes a nuisance for other guests or hotel staff.

Bicycles and cargo bikes rental

Clients are fully responsible for the bicycles or cargo bicycles, for themselves, what or who they carry and during the rental period until the return of the bicycle.
Bicycles and cargo bicycle should be parked behind the gate at night and should be always parked double locked on the streets.
A  deposit between 100 and 200 € will be asked at the start and will be returned as soon as the bicycle is checked and returned as handed over.